Brokers helping their clients with Section 125 POP Documents

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Brokers helping their clients with Section 125 POP Documents

The modern broker is much more than an insurance agent.  Today the broker/consultant act as an advisor to clients to navigate the benefit landscape not only for insurance products but also for compliance, documentation, advice on waiting periods and contribution strategy.

It is expected that as many as 35-45% of small employers in the 2-50 space either renewed or considered an early renewal strategy to move their renewal to Dec. 2013 to delay the financial affects of the affordable care act (ACA).  Regardless of the timing or actual renewal strategy executed all plan sponsors much evaluate their plan documents including a Summary Plan Description (SPD) and their IRS Section 125 POP Plan.

If you are an advisor who takes an active role in with your clients compliance you should consider our reseller program.  This package allows you the ability to be pro-active in your clients planning and documentation of their Section 125 Plan by assisting them to create and administer their plan documents.  Resellers are able to manage unlimited number of clients all for a low monthly fee.

In todays climate insurance brokers must bring value to the client relationship, and taxfreepremiums.com is the partner you’ve been looking for.  Evaluate our site and broker suite to expand your product offering and enhance your service level to offer your clients the comprehensive relationship they expect.  If you have any questions a member of our staff looks forward to the opportunity to answer your questions.