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Section 125 POP Plan Documents: The Penalties for Non-Compliance

As many employers may be well aware by now, a Premium Only Plan (POP) Plan or Section 125 allows for employees’ health insurance premiums to be deducted with the use of pre-tax dollars, thereby resulting in substantial tax savings for both parties. A lot of small and medium-sized businesses across the country have already availed…
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Section 125 Plan Compliance – Who Needs a Professional? You Do!

When every penny counts for your business, it’s tempting to think you can save a few bucks by doing everything yourself.  But letting TaxFreePremiums handle the housekeeping for you can be a great value that pays enormous dividends! Who Has Time? Ever read IRS Publication 15-B?  How about IRS Publication 969?  Neither of these documents…
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Do You Have An Out-of-Date POP Plan Document?

Implementing a Section 125 POP Plan can be just what the doctor ordered for any employer to lower tax costs and benefit from the resulting tax savings.  Employers can save up to 8.45% on the matching Social Security, Medicare and Federal Unemployment taxes.  In certain states, they may also save state unemployment tax or unemployment…
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Is Your Section 125 Plan Compliant?

If you offer a Section 125 Premium Only Plan for your employees, you deserve some congratulations.  But a Section 125 Plan is not a set-it-and-forget-it deal – you need to check it from time to time to keep it up to date. Dust Off Your Plan Document. When your plan was first established, a Plan…
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Who Needs a Section 125 POP Plan? You do!

It’s hard enough to run a business, even in the best of times, and the last few years have been especially tough. You want to reward your employees for sticking with you, but your budget says, “No way!” Not to worry – a Section 125 Premium Only Plan through TaxFreePremiums is the answer!