Getting Started, It’s Fast and Easy!

Getting Started, It’s Fast and Easy!

Creating a POP document for your company is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Visit www.taxfreepremiums.com set up your account, and create your document.

2. Pay the annual fee of only $99, which covers the cost of the initial document as well as any necessary updates for one calendar year.

3. Renew annually and rest easy knowing that your Premium Only Plan document will always be in compliance.

Maximum Convenience

Employers can access their plan documents online at any time. Company-specific changes simply require an update to your profile and legislative updates are done automatically. We notify companies by e-mail as changes occur. With our secure Web-based system, updates are delivered in just seconds. The days of filling out lengthy forms and waiting days or weeks to receive federally mandated documents are over!


While most companies charge a fee of $100–$300 to make one change to a POP, TaxFreePremiums offers employers unlimited access and changes to their plans for only $99 a year. Again this low annual fee includes all amendments and updates.

Step-By-Step Compliance

At TaxFreePremiums we understand that creating your POP is only the first step, which is why we’ve created a simple, easy-to-follow checklist to ensure you set up your plan correctly. We provide all the materials you’ll need to implement your plan. Let us help you get your company in complete compliance!