Happy Customers While Saving Time & Money with Affiliate Programs

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Happy Customers While Saving Time & Money with Affiliate Programs

There are many companies that have group insurance benefits for their employees. Many of these companies also require their employees to pay a portion of the insurance premiums. These companies are also deducting the employee’s portion pre-tax. But, many of these companies are doing this illegally.

As an insurance broker, CPA, payroll provider, or third party administrator, your clients may be expecting that you keep them in compliance in regards to anything related to your services and may include a Section 125 Premium Only Plan. When a company is audited by the IRS and finds out they are not in compliance with their Section 125 POP document they typically begin asking their service providers as to where the documents are. These companies quickly find that they have many service providers; however, they do not have anyone providing the Section 125 plan documents they need.

Instead of being one of the service providers reeling back when this situation plays out become an affiliate with TaxFreePremiums.com and provide your client with the necessary documents before the situation even happens.

TaxFreePremiums offers two affiliate programs:

Referral Partner:

You become a referral partner. This service provides you with a $49 commission for each client who signs up with TaxFreePremiums.com. You will be provided with a code to give your clients when entering their billing information. You will also be provided with a button that can be added to your website. Either way if your clients use TaxFreePremiums.com, you will receive a check for $49.

Reseller Partner:

Do you have many clients who need Premium Only Plans? Well, this service allows you to pay $99 a month to produce as many documents as you want. This affiliate program also allows for you to bill your clients for the service. This program also works well for service providers who just want to provide this product in addition to what they already provide for their clients.

If you have any questions about the affiliate programs offered by TaxFreePremiums.com please call 877.366.8702.

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