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Which Tax Free Premiums Affiliate Program is Right for Me?

June 25th, 2012 • 0 Comments • Posted by admin

If you want to make sure your clients are taking advantage of all the benefits of a Section 125 Premium Only Plan, the Tax Free Premiums Affiliate Program is a perfect way to do that. Whether you are wanting to create a customized solution that gives you all the credit and let’s you charge whatever you feel your service is worth or you’d prefer to just create a resource your clients can setup themselves, both options make sure your clients are always in constant compliance.


The first option as a Reseller allows you to be very hands on and prepare your client’s  premium only plan and then you decide if you’d like to provide free of charge or at the fee you feel is most appropriate. With this option you can prepare as many documents as you’d like for a low $99/month.


The second option is to be a Referral Partner, which allows you to be the expert who provides a great solution for your clients, while staying independent. With how simple the process is, outside of providing them with a referral code or directing them to a link on your website, there is no easier way to earn $49 for each document that is created.  All you need to do is pay your one-time $99 and you are good to go. There is no limit to the number of clients you can refer.


Still not sure which option is right for you, take a quick glance at a few Frequently Asked Questions below on how each program works or feel free to reach out to an expert by using the Live Chat service or by calling the toll free number at 877-366-8702.


Reseller Referral
What does it cost? $99/month $99 one-time
Is there a commitment? Yes, 1 year. No
Are my clients billed by Tax Free Premiums? No, you bill your clients directly or even provide free of charge. It’s completely up to you. Yes, your clients are charged to the $99 fee annually.
Will I receive a promo code to give to my clients for the purchase of their premium only plan? No Yes, this makes it easy for you to get credit for anyone you refer.
Will I receive a link specific to me for placement on my website to get credit for referrals to Tax Free Premiums? No, since you will be branding this as a service you provide. Yes Yes, this makes it easy for you to get credit for anyone that signs up by using your link to be directed to Tax Free Premiums.
Can I make money with the affiliate program? Yes, but it will come directly from your client. The nice thing is you get to charge whatever you feel makes most sense. Yes, you receive a one -time $49 commission for each company that signs up.
Can I use to help differentiate myself from my competitors? Yes, all documents can be provided to your clients and branded as being a service you provide. Yes, you can provide a simple and easy solution that is easy for your clients to prepare in only minutes.


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