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Employers Should Revisit Benefits As Jobs Picture Improves

The jobs report released on April 1st was no joke:  employment numbers are the best they’ve been in years.  The U.S. economy added over 200,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate dipped to 8.8 percent.  The rate had been hovering in the 9 to 10 percent range since 2009.  This is one more optimistic sign that…
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Does your Company Deduct Insurance Premium pre-tax?

IRS Rules govern Section 125 POP Plans, also called cafeteria plans.  While these provide your employees access to great benefits, and can provide your company with payroll tax savings, it’s important to stay in compliance with the rules.  Your company must have a written document that includes current language and must be updated regularly as…
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Better Benefits Attract Better Workers

You may think that getting and keeping top-notch talent for your company is all about the paycheck, but a recent study says a variety of available benefits are a big part of the deal.  WellPoint Research reported recently that some 83% of American workers think better of employers who offer voluntary benefits.  The study also…
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Manage Benefits Cost With a Section 125 POP Plan

The cost of Health care for small business seems to get more and more expensive, and in the current economy, many corporations are not enjoying the same revenues as they did before. Want a simple solution to contain benefit costs while still letting your employees know you care about their needs and want them to stick around? A Section 125 POP Plan can help.

The Section 125 POP Plan – An Instant Pay Raise for Your Employees!

Even in a recessionary economy, it’s difficult to keep talented employees. And now that signs are pointing to an improving financial picture and more jobs available, it could be even tougher in the coming year. If you’d like to give your employees an instant pay raise, but the budget just won’t budge, there’s another option – a Section 125 POP Plan.

Why Use the Utah Health Exchange?

With all the recent talk about health insurance reform, you may be surprised to know that Utah addressed this topic some years ago.  As early as 2005, Utah State Government made health system reform a top priority.  During the 2008 legislative session HB 133 was passed, in 2009 HB 188 passed forming the Utah Health…
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Why Start A Section 125 POP Plan?

The idea of an employee benefit plan that results in a win-win situation for both employers and employees may sound too good to be true for many. After all, there is no longer such a thing as a “free lunch” these days – everything comes at a cost. Well, Section 125 POP Plans may not…
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Section 125 POP : The Basics

Whether you have a small, mid-sized, or large business, there’s a way to bring down your payroll tax costs and increase employees’ take home pay without sacrificing on their benefits – the Section 125 Premium Only Plan (POP).

Section 125 Cafeteria Plans – What’s Nondiscrimination?

A Section 125 Cafeteria Plan allows an employer to provide a range of health and dependent care benefits to employees on a pre-tax basis.  That is, the employee’s premiums for various insurance coverage are deducted from his taxable income, thereby lowering his Federal withholding, FICA tax, and Medicare taxes.  The employer saves on his share…
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Who Needs a Section 125 POP Plan? You do!

It’s hard enough to run a business, even in the best of times, and the last few years have been especially tough. You want to reward your employees for sticking with you, but your budget says, “No way!” Not to worry – a Section 125 Premium Only Plan through TaxFreePremiums is the answer!